Cutting Tools


We develop and produce cutting inserts and special tools in small- and medium sized services of tungsten carbide and PM-steel (HSS) for the machining of steel, castiron, non-ferrons material, rock and plastics up to food.









We give active advice on the spot to help to find solutions for your problems.


Our main concern is to find applicable solutions for medium and small series-production.


We have developed and made tungsten carbide for decades. Our portfolio comprises numerous materials enabling us to offer individually tailored cutting solutions

Apart from chip-removal tools of tungsten carbide, we produce cutting tools of HSS and PM steel. The latter could be a better choice dependingon the particular task.


On top of that, we offer the current machining operations as a service.



  • Turning tools
  • Milling tools
  • Drilling tools
  • Planing and shaping tools
  • Edge and end processing (weld preparation)
  • Profile tools
  • Heavy-duty cutting tools
  • Blanks and semi-finished products
  • Tool holder / milling cutter