• Saar-Hartmetall disposes of the technology of hot isostatic pressing (HIP), which permits the recompacting of products with a closed porosity at temperatures of up to 1360°C and an Argon pressure up to 1200bar. We also offer this procedure as a service for foreign products. Please contact us, if you have products which require recompacting at a high temperature and a high pressure!   
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  • We develop cemented carbide grades of our own and tailor the properties of the products to the requirements of our costumer.
  • Saar-Hartmetall offers all production steps of a cemented carbide grades production from their own mix production and spray granulation, NC-pressing, modern CNC-forming procedures, pore free hipping up to tolerance-exact end-finishing as well as procedures of the cemented carbides analysis to judge the properties and quality.
  • We are using the water-based ecological technique of spray-drying which is only used by a few companies in the world.
  • We offer to be a partner in the confidential co-operation for the production of small series according to the drawings and requirements of the costumer.
  • Saar-Hartmetall takes into account the complete life-cycle of the cemented carbide grades, starting with the commercial behavior of the raw material providers up to the resources-friendly recycling of cemented carbide products in all steps of the production and the applications. Please contact us for recycling your cemented carbide scrap. contact form