Powder Metallurgy

Wear- and temperature resistant components made of powdermetallurgical steels, Co-based alloys, super alloys and composite materials.


Compared with the conventional manufacture of materials based on the melting technology, the Powder Metallurgy provides special advantages:

  • Alloys that cannot or can only be produced with enormous difficulties (for example higher carbide content)   
  • homogeneous material with no gravity segregation, solidification segregation, phase segregation and with isotropic properties
  • greater freedom of design of the components



Industy sector and Products


Steel production and Steel processingRoll rings, guide rollers, cooling bed rollers
Food industryKnives and cutters
Plastic industryTools for extrusion and injection molding
Automotiveand much more

Large selection of materials as well as material combinations, single part production and small series.