Tables of the different grades [content in wt-%] – some examples

PM-Steels-Alloys (Saramet, SAM)





  • High performance cold and hot working high speed steels (Forming-, cutting and pressing tools)

  • Corrosion resistant tools; protection against intercrystalline corrosion

PM-Superalloys (Saratherm, SAT)





Typical applications for high temperature resistant PM-Superalloys are

  • high performance engine parts
  • high temperature resistant machine parts of the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • hot working tools in the diamond grinding disk- and glas industry, etc.

PM-Co-based alloys (Sarastel, SAS)





  • mining tools, cutting tools

  • corrosion resisting high temperature engineering parts
  • hot working tools




Tailored material properties in tool areas where these are required most:


  • Hardmetal (cemented carbide) – Steel
  • o-based alloy (SAS) – Steel
  • Superalloy - Steel