Besides the production of roll rings Saar-Hartmetall und Werkzeuge GmbH offer a wide range of services.




Our customer service begins with the layout of the combiroll system together with the choice of the right material for the hot rolling process - if required up to the analysis of the cooling system of the rings.



Wage work


We offer to remachine the roll rings and/or passes and advise the end user on the right machining parameters.

We offer our support for the start-up of the SARAMAX combirolls. It is possible to use our SARAMAX combirolls down to the scrap diameter without any previous maintenance.

Saar-Hartmetall und Werkzeuge GmbH offer to inspect the SARAMAX combirolls and to mount new roll rings on the existing roll shafts thus guaranteeing a new maintenance-free use of the SARAMAX combirolls.



Taking back


Finally Saar-Hartmetall und Werkzeuge GmbH offer to buy back worn out cemented carbide roll rings at the current market prices.